Coburg Badge hip flask

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An oval vintage pewter hip flask painted with the Coburg Badge.

There is no base coat – the original pewter finish has been retained. Painted on the front is the Coburger abzeichen  (Coburg badge). The flask has been etched around the swastika. The rear has been left blank.

The Coburg badge was introduced on 14 October 1932 and was recognised as the first national award of the NSDAP.

The flask has been finished with a protective matt clear lacquer.

Dimensions approx. 70 x 110 x 15mm (WxHxD)

Please note this is a display piece and is not intended for use.

Please note this item cannot be sent to Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland or any other country that prohibits Nazi-related material. It is up to you to understand your legal obligations.